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Assimilate Scratch 9.3 Build 1051

SCRATCH представляет собой наиболее полный инструмент обработки изображения в цифровой кинематографии и, инструмент рабочего процесса для цифрового постпроизводства. Разработанный в соответствии со специфическими требованиями DI-процесса независимого и документального кинематографа, а также мастерских постпроизводства, SCRATCH объединяет функции воспроизведения, согласования, редактирования, цифровой цветокоррекции, титрования, компоновки и доработки в едином, унифицированным интерфейсе, максимизируя творческий потенциал и производительность.

• Format support - SCRATCH supports almost all professional media formats around from RAW, to traditional intermediates dpx, EXR, QuickTime, etc. to compressed like XAVC and other H264 variants.
• Live View - ingest the SDI signal of a camera directly to manage on-set looks or green-screen testing.
• Flexible transcoding to any (intermediate) format - MXF, ProRes (also on Windows!), H264, etc. - in multiple resolutions in one go, including grades and burn-in titling.
• Manage looks, import and export CDL or LUT and use the match-functions to ensure looks created on-set can be easily used further down the pipeline.
• Fully customizable reporting in html or directly online, including proxy images and all shot meta data.
On-Set Dailies

• SCRATCH has its own online editor but can also import a timeline from your favorite offline editor.
• Flexible conform options to assemble your timeline from Final Cut, Media Composer or Premiere.
• Navigate through your Multi Layered timeline and easily navigate your tracks down to any composite element of your shots.

• Primary- and secondary grading: qualifiers, curves, vectors, unlimited grading layers and masks in any (free form) shape.
• Flexible and fully automated Color space management covering all major color spaces, including ACES. Support for a wide variety of LUT formats.
• Versioning: easily create, manage, compare and switch between versions of shots.
• Full support for grading panels and surfaces.

• Shape tracking and animation of any effect, grade and layer geometry.
• Support for third party OpenFX plug-ins. SCRATCH standard comes with a paint module, a text module, bicubic layers to warp any surface.
• Easily navigate and view complex composite trees while in the context to the full timeline.
• Nest and cache a node to preserve realtime playback with complex composites.
• Manage your Stereo 3D project almost just as easy as any standard 2D production with automated convergence.

• Create and manage complex output trees / templates for all deliverables.
• Multiple resolutions, formats and framerates - QuickTime, MXF, dpx, EXR, DCI compatible J2k, and more - all in one go.
• Add subtitles, logo's or deliverable specific grades.
• Publish directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or SCRATCH Web.

• Easily manage thousands and thousands of shots in a single project.
• Import/export, search, edit all available shot meta data.
• XML Scripting to integrate the power of SCRATCH into your (automated) pipeline and link it to other tools.

• SCRATCH Remote; connect multiple SCRATCH systems from all around the world for a creative grading session.
• Store your user settings online - grades, gallery items, panels settings in the cloud so you can take place behind any SCRATCH system anywhere and enjoy your own setup
• Publish to SCRATCH Web to share content online in a secure manner.

• Playback: Single view, split-view, A/B view, Reference monitor or projector, SDI output - SCRATCH offers it all.
• Playback revisited: smooth while grading or compositing - instant response when adjusting any grade parameters.
• Handle any image resolution - no need to stop at 4k.
• Widest hardware support for graphic cards, grading panels and video-IO industry wide.
• Our support team - always available to guide you and help out with any issue you might encounter.

ОС: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7 - x64

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