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Dose for Excel 3.6.0

Dose for Excel – многофункциональный компонент для Microsoft Excel, который поможет вам быстро выполнять функции, которые занимали бы у вас немало времени. Инструмент интегрируется с редактором таблиц и позволяет легко получать доступ к функциям в наборе вкладок.

Compare Sheets
Compare sheets column by column or peer to peer, then highlight the modified, new, or deleted rows and cells.

Auto Backup
With this program, you will never lose your Excel data again. It will automatically backup your workbooks when they are opened or on demand, and you will be able to specify the backup destination.

Date Picker
You may use a date picker window to quickly input a date into a range of cells, and you can customize the date and time format.

Trim Spaces
With a single click, you may remove leading, trailing, or additional spaces from chosen cells, worksheets, or the whole workbook.

Count by Color
Calculate the sum, count, average, min, and max for a range of background or font colors and output a report.

Merge cells, rows, and columns into one with the option of specifying a separator.

Split a range based on a character or separator, or split first and last names.

Formula Helper
This program has over 100 difficult formulas that you may use on a regular basis without having to remember how to build them.

Save time by using more than 50 complex built-in functions instead of writing VBA code for them.

Data Cleaning
Trim spaces, change character case, and convert text to numbers and vice versa are all simple ways to clean up your worksheet.

Change Case
Change the case of the initial character in a cell to UPPER, LOWER, PROPER CASE, or CAPS.

With a single click, you can delete or highlight identical rows, blank rows, hidden rows, rows with specific values, and rows with at least one blank cell.

Export chosen sheets to your local drive as separate workbooks.

Insert Values
Insert characters before or after the cell value, or serialized values into the cell (ex: 1,2,3,4,etc...).

Reading Layout
It allows you to easily view a selected cell by highlighting the cell column and row and focusing on the selected cell.

Numbers, strings, dates, Booleans, custom lists, the ability to produce unique values, and much more can all be generated at random.

Cell Format
Create your own cell format templates all the way up to the nth template, which you can use every time you open Excel.

Sort Worksheets
For worksheet names, sort your worksheets in ascending or descending alphabetic or date order.

Advanced Filter
Filter a column by simply picking a cell and pressing the filter button; the column will be filtered based on the value of that cell.

Files Lister
Import the names of files from a folder into an excel worksheet and navigate and delete them with a single click.

Delete Worksheets
With a single click, remove all blank worksheets from the workbook.

Extract sheet names onto a single sheet with hyperlinks so you may quickly navigate to the desired sheet or copy sheet names for another purpose.

Use a list to quickly access your open workbooks and worksheets, with the flexibility to categorize and close them.

Row to Column
To make it easier to see and read, divide your row into two lovely columns.

Work Area
View your sheet in full screen mode, with the ribbon, formula bar, and status bar visible or hidden.

Count Sheets
Count the active workbook's visible and hidden worksheets.

Selection Tools
With only one click, you may select a used range, merged cells, interval rows, individual cells, and much more.

Count Words
Count the number of words in the cells you've chosen.

Insert Empty
Create a number of empty rows or columns.

Count Chars
Count the characters in the cells you've chosen.

Comments Assistant
Display or conceal comments or indicators, convert comments to cells and back, substitute comments, and so on....

Write Out Amounts
With the option to alter the currency, you can easily convert values in a range of cells into words.

Insert Title Rows
Insert titles for rows at any interval you set in a flash.

Fill Blank Cells
Fill blank cells quickly with values, linear values, or a preset value.

Batch Insert Check Boxes
Insert as many check boxes as you wish into the empty or full cells.

Batch Insert Option Buttons
Insert as many choice buttons as you want into selected empty or filled cells.

Delete Illustrations and Objects
With a single click, remove illustrations and objects from sheets such as pictures, charts, lines, and so on.

Batch Delete Check Boxes
With a single click, you may remove check boxes from several cells in a batch.

Batch Delete Option Buttons
With a single click, you can remove option buttons from multiple cells at once.

Remove All Macros
With a single click, you may remove all Macros, User Forms, and VBA modules.

Remove by Position
Remove characters from text in chosen cells by defining a location or by removing characters from the left or right.

Reverse Text Order
Reverse all characters in a text, reverse words separated by a comma, and a variety of other reversing options are available.

Alternate row / column shading
For a given range, use conditional or standard formatting to shade every other row or column.
How to Install Dose for Excel Guide

Extract Text
Extract the items of a selection that match some rules to a defined range.

Требования: Excel 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/Office 365

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