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GerbView 10.00

Gerbview визуализирует ваш дизайн на экране или в печатном виде. Вам больше не нужно ждать прототипа печатной платы, чтобы увидеть ваш истинный дизайн. GerbView может просматривать, печатать и конвертировать файлы Gerber, Extended Gerber, ODB++, Excellon, PLT, PDF, DXF, DWF, RS-274X, TIFF, SVG.

GerbView Key Features
• View, print, markup and convert Gerber, Adobe PDF, ODB++, Excellon, Autodesk DXF and HPGL/2.
• Convert to Autodesk DXF, PDF, DWF, Gerber and other formats.
• Convert multiple Gerber files to a multi-layer PDF, DWF or DXF file.
• Convert ODB++ to a layered PDF, or to individual files using Gerber, PDF, DXF or SVG formats.
• Use the PDF to CAD capability to convert from PDF to Gerber, DXF, SVG or HPGL/2.
• Convert from older RS-274D format to RS-274X, also known as extended Gerber format.
• Compare Gerber and ODB++ layers and visualize any difference.
• Gerber X2 file and pads attributes are supported.
• Query for aperture and tool information in Gerber and Excellon files.
• Measure distances, areas and perimeters, with or without snapping to pads and tracks.
• Highlight selected apertures in Gerber and ODB++ files.
• Add files of different formats as layers.
• An unlimited number of layers can be added to a workspace (only limited by memory).
• View and export Gerber layers with or without transparency.
• Edit aperture shapes and sizes in Gerber files.
• Do support a large number of aperture formats created by older PCB tools.
• Edit tool sizes in Excellon files.
• Delete items in a Gerber file based on aperture and usage selection.
• Delete a selection of items from a Gerber file.
• Replace apertures in Gerber files.
• Copper surface area calculation.
• Extract drill data from Gerber and DXF files. For DXF file circle entities will be used to define a drill hole.
• Copy a selected region to clipboard and paste into another application.
• Invert negative Gerber layers (e.g. power-plane) to positive for correct display and conversion.
• Rotate, mirror and scale layers.
• Visibility of all loaded files can be set individually.
• User defined header and footer can be added for printing.
• Color or Black & White Printing.
• Scaled print or fit to paper.
• Full mode print preview.
• Poster mode for printing big format drawings on multiple sheets.
• Save the whole workspace, or single layers, as low- or high-resolution raster files. Supported formats include:
• TIFF, CALS, Adobe PDF, Windows BMP, PNG and JPEG.
• Annotate your project using dimensions, lines, text, shapes, images, QR-codes, barcodes, symbols and more.
• Burn-in feature for converting annotation elements (e.g. text) into native Gerber data.
• Annotations are stored in a separate file and can be included during conversion to other formats.
• Mouse-controlled zoom in, zoom out, zoom area and panning.
• Command line conversion and printing.
• Customizable user interface.

GerbView can open the following Formats:
• Gerber RS-274D
• Gerber RS-274X (Extended Gerber)
• Gerber X2
• Adobe PDF
• ODB++ (zip and tgz)
• Excellon Drill format
• Autodesk DXF
• HPGL and HPGL/2

GerbView can convert to the following Formats:
• Gerber RS-274X (Extended)
• Gerber RS-274D (Legacy)
• Autodesk DWF
• Autodesk DXF
• Adobe PDF
• Adobe PDF/A
• Adobe Postscript
• CALS Type
• CGM Binary
• HPGL/2 (PLT)
• Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
• WebP Image Format
• Windows BMP
• Windows Enhanced Metafile
• Windows Metafile

ОС: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022

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